Friday, June 1, 2007

Fuck fuck fuck

I've got a deadline at the Daily Sentinel which'll have the editor parading my head around on a pike if I don't make it. I've been late with my pictures for the last two assignments. It's not my fault, stuff kept coming up. Like that dude who saved that family from a fire by literally walking through walls.

All my article proposals about this guy have been rejected so far. He's apparently not high profile enough. What - do you have to be the god damn Heavyweight to get on the front page? Why not give exposure to the lower-profiled supers. Might, uh... give them a much needed ego boost.

Can't type any more. Must develop film.



Daniel Willis said...

Hey, I keep sending letters to the editor, but they never get published. What the hell, man? You think people don't need to know the world is about to end?

Jim Strummard said...

Man, I understand you're sick of Heavyweight but the man does good things. Show me some pics of this walk-through-walls guy and I'll see if I can talk chief into letting us do a story together.

Jackie Rieken said...

I kinda want to hear more about this guy that can walk through walls, rather than Heavyweight, who goes around breaking things (like office buildings).

Jeez, some accountability, please.