Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I don't think he realises it's a Jesus-y name

Through my astronomically impressive journalism skills I was able to score an interview and a picture with the superdude who saved that family from the fire last week.

His name is "Redeemer", as it turns out, and he says he's not aware of any religious connotation attached to the codename. I wasn't aware either, and it would be nice if I could fly by a church
without being pelted with tomatoes for once.

-He, sorry. It'd be nice if he could. He can fly. Not me.

I mean we've got that one lunatic running around (the honchos at the Sentinel are dubbing him Zealot - does every crazy in New York need a nickname?) declaring the end of the world and talking to God and shit, and yet Redeemer's the one they throw tomatoes at?

Anyway, in addition to the flight this guy can walk through shit. I was allowed one picture of him demonstrating his ability.

...holy shit, right?

In other news, the Daily Sentinel has been kinda hellish the days I've been in. They're still doing construction on the floor that Heavyweight (bah) demolished so Jim had to move into my office temporarily. I don't mind this, it's just that Jim's kind of an intimidating dude.

And like... a red head.

What do you say to red heads, really?


Daniel Willis said...

Why would anyone give themselves a religious name? That's just dumb.

Henry Townshend said...

It's... it's very dumb.

Jim Strummard said...

Gah man, just slap a NSFW tag on that image.


Matt R. said...

Man, back off Heavyweight a little bit. It's hard to save people and not destroy stuff at the same time.

I mean, I would imgaine.